Poetry Card!

A friend has been exploring a lot of board games recently. I've been impressed by both the playability and the illustrations in these games. So I thought to myself: why not make a game inspired by poetry? The fun part of the scheme would be to package certain eras or types of poetry--the one below would be under the Romanticism category probably. I have no idea how this card would eventually work in the game--said friend and I are working on the mechanics still--but a fun project. Fans of King of Tokyo will probably notice a basic similarity in layout :) 

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  1. I like the idea of poetry cards for so many reasons, mainly the intersection of poetry and a tactile genre of art. In a way, it suggests that one could encounter poetry in a non-academic, non-artistic context. And it definitely needs that.

    You post reminded me of two places that do something similar:
    DIAGRAM did a playing card series: http://thediagram.com/10ofdiagrams.html
    Fact-Simile does an ongoing trading card series: http://www.fact-simile.com/tradingcard.html